riding earth

I have a kindred spirit in the Bedlam Creative group. We found each other sharing space for last years open house at the farm. Often her poetry speaks right from my own heart, so today in honor of Earth Day here is a post from the amazing Kate Rantilla

Life With Horace

the dogs and I emerge
and head for freedom
tunneled through our woods,
a path of rich delights,
the sights and smells of life
lived on another scale,
returning home renewed

today I sense connectedness
beyond my simple paradise,
as earth, this glorious ship,
sails through the light and dark of space
and we live on her, taking
more than giving, plucking
fruits that may not always grow

and though some care,
the press of each day’s life
draws the minds of most
to singular survival,
not sure, or even caring
that the aggregated slag
of heedless use
will surely leach away
her life blood, also ours

unless we love our mother
and protect her still rich bounty,
honoring the joy it brings us now,
we will surely have denied
the birthright of
the not yet born

note: I have always loved the connectedness I feel on earth day. For…

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