Amphibious Ambivalence

So fellow travelers, by way of a followup to the Ponderous Thoughts post here is an updated edition of an earlier post from August 2013 about my pond

Trail Mix

This is Jeremiah….


While it may be hard to assess his true size from this picture, Jeremiah is one big dude of a bullfrog.

He’s been a resident of my little backyard pond for a few years now and, until recently, I gave both his size and presence little thought. In fact I considered him an indication of the well being and proper balance of my pond, which I refer to as “my piece of Heaven on Earth.”

bluechair Edit

This pond was a birthday gift from my family, created out of a gaping hole left by a huge black walnut tree downed in a winter storm. The tree fell perfectly, missing the house, deck and fenced dog yard. It was as if it laid itself down along a predetermined arrow indicating the only clear path. The hole ran deep into the dense clay soil of our yard, soil so difficult to dig…

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