… on raising grampa

In a world of fractured families it is a gift to find authentic stories of real love and true life…..

just ponderin'

Dinner with Grampa back in the day First Dinner

That’s First Dinner, with Mac, Sam, and Grampa circa 1998.

For a long time, we couldn’t figure out why Mac and Sam never really ate their dinner.

Then we found out about First Dinner.

At 5:00, Mac and Sam would walk over to the apartment.

Shockingly this was just as Granny and Grampa were sitting down to… yep… dinner.

And, so they would hang out and eat dinner and chat, and then come back to our part of the house.

Just in time for… dinner.

I still smile at the idea of First and Second Dinner, and I hope they do too (and will, forever).

The picture above reminds me of how incredibly grateful I am that my kids grew up in a house where three generations lived and grew together.

I’ve gotten the raised eyebrows from countless numbers of folks,  and experienced that deep down feeling…

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