A Leap of Faith

So fellow travelers, a friend of mine is getting married today, taking a self described “leap off a ledge” in faith with a phenomenal partner.  I wish them the best of adventures in their years together.



From square one to the top of the mountain

You reached this vista together

Pulling each other out of the mire of self denial

At times scouting separate trails

Always to meet again at the crossroads

Building where once anger burned bridges

Taking on treks of discovery in outer and inner worlds

Taming monkeys of the mind and forest

Terrapin movements soothing spirits

Two hearts now joined as One

A daring leap off the Ledge

Into the abyss of Forever

Holding each other

Gliding peacefully under Love’s steady parachute.

For Jennifer and Travis on their wonderful wedding day. May 2, 2015.


Photo of “Hang Gliders Point” Tinker Falls trail  overlooking Labrador Hollow. Tully, NY

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.








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