On the Road to friends and high places: Part Five Meeting Tess

So fellow travelers,  once upon a time, along a hilltop in Vermont a much anticipated wish was about to be fulfilled.


Two of our creative group friends, Kate Rantilla and Candy Cuthbert sing in choral groups and attend each other’s concerts throughout the year.  Kate sings with the Keene Choral in New Hampshire and Candy is a member of the Battenkill Chorus. On this road trip, Kate and I were on our way to enjoy the Battenkill Chorus 20th anniversary concert in Hoosick Falls.

Since the concert was scheduled for late afternoon, we would have plenty of time to meet Candy for a walk through the grounds of the historic Park-McCullough House in North Bennington.


Naturally I was drawn to the playhouse, built as mini replica of the Park-MacCullough House.


Which meant I would finally fulfill a long awaited wish to meet beautiful Tess*.


Ah Tess, sweet Tess. Tess of the happy “I just met you and I LOOOOVE you” butt wiggle.

Tess of the expressive ears….



Tess of the dash up the road, hurry up Humans there is soooo much to do here…..


Tess of the joyous romp in the fields……



Tess of seek and find the ball…..



Tess of lets explore the woods….



Tess of the ever ready to play with a friend …..



Tess, who makes the world a more joyful place just by being Tess.



And as if the thrill of meeting and romping with Tess were not enough I still had Marigold Pizza and a sure to be spectacular concert on the afternoon’s remaining itinerary.

To be continued….

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready

*Note: Tess is Candy Cuthbert’s  beautiful two and a half  year old tri-color belton Llewellin English Setter.




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