Thoughts: Cycles of Encouragement

I was catching up with the posts on the Bedlam Farm Creative group facebook page and I saw this shot of the teacup. Even before reading the post, my eyes got all sweaty.I start my day with Tom’s poems, they always seem to have just the message I need ( not always the message I want, but always the one I need ) Often the writing and images of other members bring the gifts of insight or even a good laugh just when I need one. It is however the genuine friendships I have been blessed to find among the members of this wonderful community which are the best gift of all. When I have a chance to give something in return I am grateful to do so. The page is open for public viewing on Facebook, just search for Creative Group at Bedlam Farm, I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Quarry House


This past weekend I spent three days surrounded with creative souls from all over the country. They had come to visit Bedlam Farm, the home of Jon Katz, the best-selling author and his wife (and fabric artist) Maria Wulf. Every year, the two of them open their farm to visitors and fans. They do this twice a year, once in the early summer, and once right at the peak of fall color here in New England. This year, in addition to the open house, they also sponsored a Creativity Conference spearheaded by Lisa Dingle, where there were classes on writing, poetry, blogging, photography, art, and music.

Over the three days of conference and open house, I mingled and talked with writers and artists in every genre you can imagine. There were people who do all kinds of crafts and photographers and storytellers. There were soulful people who would…

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