Thoughts: About Paris

Reflections from a gifted writer and someone I am blessed to know as a friend. These are thoughts which, as Tom’s writings so often do, echo my own feelings and struggles. It filled my heart with gratitude and hope. I hope it brings like blessings to my readers too.

Quarry House


Like everyone I know, Paris is on my mind. People ask me what I think. They tell me what they think. They ask me why, since I write about everything, I haven’t written about Paris yet.

Part of the answer is that I am slow. I’ve written of this before. I am slow to process feelings and emotions.

I CAN process either one pretty well. I have flashes of anger as much and as strong as anyone else. And I live in a work world where I am constantly having to make business decisions, trusting my fairly quick mind to help me make good ones. But when I try to reconcile the two and truly understand what’s going on in me, and make my head and heart come together it takes time. And so when something like Paris, or the bombings in Beirut, or 9-11 happens, I am quiet.


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