Don’t lead with your wounds…

Profoundly moving words from Pamela Rickenbach, leader of Blue Star Equiculture horse sanctuary. The wisdom she shares in her writing comes from a true heart that has known great suffering and still reaches for joy and light. I am honored to share it here.

Yacu Colorina

unnamed-2When I first saw this picture, when it was taken last year I studied it. It was like I was seeing Paul for the first time. I remember thinking to myself, wow, what this man has seen. Paul was a life time first responder and later a real leader, a Fire Chief, like his ancestors. His great grandfather died in an accident with his Percheron team pulling a steamer over train tracks, the steamer exploded. This is the kind of thing Paul was made of, tremendous experience of the not so easy kind. Accidents, fires, disasters, extreme horrifying experience in some cases and extreme triumph in restoring order to devastation. Paul never talked about it, never. Not to me, maybe to others on his level, like Chief’s or other career first responders but never me.

Last week we had a group of Veterans visiting from the VA Hospital. They come…

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