Poem: Target of Opportunity

So fellow travelers, one more connected post to share.

I’ve shared posts from Tom Atkins often, either here or on my own Facebook wall. His writing, both poetry and prose often give voice to thoughts and feelings with both clarity and directness I need. This post speaks to coming through the experience of negative attacks and moving beyond them.

Letting light in requires us to be vulnerable. It’s safer to shut down, but ultimately we have to open ourselves up again if we are going to thrive rather than simply survive. To minister with encouragement and genuine compassion we have to connect with others. The more we open our hearts the more light can get out as well as in.

Thank you Tom for this moment.

Quarry House

portholeTarget of Opportunity

In the midst of war, you hide your light
behind curtains and dark windows,
afraid of being seeing,
of becoming a target of opportunity,

always aware
that the enemy is close, waiting, seeking
to find your vulnerable places
in order to wound,

to keep you too weak,
afraid somehow that your light
diminish theirs,

or worse, might shine
in the dark corners of their soul
and reveal their truth for others to see, or worse,
forcing them to scrutinize.

But this war will end.
Light can only be hidden so long.
It is meant to be seen.
It is meant to expose beauty and pain alike,

to create paths and show the way
for others who are hiding their flickering candles
waiting for the wind, for their own wars
to cease.

So rise. Brush aside your thick drapes.
Find yourself, the beauty you dared not believe.

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