The Sunday Sun

So fellow travelers, watching the sun paint colors in the sky at day’s end has become a cherished ritual for me.


In this year of acclimating to being a long  distance Mom to both my daughters, the milder weather has been a blessing. It allows me to tarry longer and really take in what I am seeing with newly attuned vision. Delilah certainly appreciates the chance to roust out critters under the snow as I stand lost in thought.
image                        image


Often those thoughts weave themselves into poetry.


The Sunday sun sinks slowly west
setting the winter weary woods aglow with golden hope
Distant robins sing unseasonably early
Joy awakens
My heart smiles, knowing
it is Monday morning where you are now
and the rising sun greets you with my love.



Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

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