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A most excellent post from Lisa Dingle. I hope I have managed to raise my daughters with a bit of this wisdom too.

just ponderin'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Next Apartment for One, Next Adventurous Chapter

Dear kids,

I see you.

Yes you.

Growing up.

I see you in your ‘in betweens’ – between high school and college, between college and ‘not’, between ‘first step out of college’ and ‘next step beyond that’.

I want to remind you of something I’ve mentioned once or twice as you were growing up.

Did you just roll your eyes? Don’t make me fire you.

Try to remind yourself to be present for it all.

You are at points in your life where it is so natural, so reasonable and totally okay, to look toward the ‘what’s nexts’.

What’s next after high school, or what’s next after college or after the first years of your job or steps in your career (or toward a different career).

The thing is, beyond the planning and stuff, the ‘what’s nexts’ are sort of an illusion.

As if…

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