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Sharing this wonderful piece from Lisa Dingle’s blog. So timely as we come through a month of very hectic family events, some planned, some unexpected. While my own plans for a do nothing day this weekend were sidelined by a random stomach bug, I am not feeling badly. I have actually been enjoying the sights and sounds of several birding areas, thanks to an intrepid birder who posts a video “tour” every weekend on line. The down time is also giving me a chance to process my thoughts about our own birding expedition last weekend. That post will be up soon.

just ponderin'


Years ago, when JoHn and I were both still working bazillion hour weeks and juggling our careers with two, then three kids, we would schedule days to do nothing.


We actually scheduled them, by leaving the days intentionally blank.

Because there were things all over the dang calendar, all the time and it felt impossible to get rid of them, or stop them from coming (sort of like lice, but less itchy).

“Mac. Gymnastics Meet. 2 – 6”.

“Sam/Evan Playdate. Here. 1:30 – ?”

“Gabe…” (He was third so I don’t remember what we did with him but it was something).

Even family oriented activities like “Try to Talk Kids into Digging to China so We Can Have Coffee in Quiet” looked stressful on the calendar.

So the days would be left intentionally blank and they became, like, beacons.

We loved them. Unplanned days to do or not…

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