Art Show

So fellow travelers, our high school has display space in one area for student art work with rotating exhibitions through out the year. It is a space I visit often during the week, taking a few moments to appreciate the awesome pieces on display each month.

Allie Brown and Riley Carlucci

Once a year, during the last week of school, an entire wing and lobby are converted into gallery space for the senior art show.It’s become one of my favorite moments of the year.


Each senior who has taken classes in the art program is given a display area and I love watching their portfolios unfold.  Reading their individual artist statements is fascinating.

Kylie Fischer

There’s a gallery reception one evening during the show and it’s not uncommon to over hear parents murmuring comments of astonishment at their child’s accomplishments

Marisa Madonna

Naturally, there are pieces which speak to the angst and challenges of teenage years

Anna Davis

Katie Doyle

and pieces given to flights of fantasy

Brihanna Drake

Austin McClaskey

Carl Livingston

For a week, the long hallway is filled with color

Brad Krahl

and texture


Courtney Hines


Jenny Boden

Danielle Johnson

and artistry reaching beyond the young years of these graduating students

Mike Morris

Sarah Hamilton

and my own spirits rise with hope for this future generation of creative spirits.
Claire Shonyo

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

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