Where have all the humans gone? Is civility dead?

A most excellent piece on a most essential point from my friend Kathy Dewez

Ramble in the Bramble

*climbs on soapbox* Soapbox7

As one of the ugliest political races that I can ever remember continues to rage *out there* I’m left shaking my head in bewilderment.

We are bombarded daily with televised and written media and we do have a choice whether to watch or read, but I want to talk about social media, Facebook in particular.   Most of us use Facebook to keep in touch with the people we love, to participate in online groups, or make new friends.  To this point in my life, it’s been a great addition socially.  But for the past few months, my Facebook newsfeed seems to be polarized and filled with posts of anger and blame on any number of issues or raging hot topics.

People who have been friends for years are unfriending each other or calling the other names because of their politics and beliefs. When did we stop…

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