Empathy, redemption, and the kindness of letting someone go

Wise words on the dividing line between encouragement and enabling, a line which benefits no one when crossed. Clear boundaries are essential in healthy relationships and group dynamics.

The Trailhead

080 This, I assure you, is my own image. It’s an animal butt, after all.

(I’m taking a brief break from my out-west postings to address something timely. Then back to our regularly scheduled creek crossings/weirdo encounters, etc)

Earlier this week it was discovered that a member of one of the Facebook groups I help to administer has been stealing photos from the web and posting them as her own, on our group and others, for a very long time.  As an avid photographer and a lawyer – and hell, as a person who generally likes other people — this was a topic of interest to me, beyond merely my personal experience with this particular event.

I’ve worked for many years, hike and paddle many miles, and spend thousands of dollars on travel expenses and gear to get my images. The idea of someone claiming them as their own is not…

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