Parking Lot Zen

So fellow travelers, while running errands this morning, the powerful clouds above brought me to a stop as I crossed a parking lot.


Dropping my load of packages at my car, I walked to the end of the lot to catch a clear shot with my phone. Then I stood there for a while taking in the moment.

Thoughts of lives lost to mindless violence again and again make my heart ache. It is as if we are all at war with ourselves everywhere.
Yet there is One thing I am sure of: though lives may end, souls are never lost and those souls no longer here on earth are radiant with peace now:

Our world like the sky
Seems filled with storms and drama
Let peace guide our hearts

One more thing I know:  I can practice kindness every day and focus on peace in the midst of anger. Small things done with Great Love.

Walk gently on the path my friends and be kind to one another.


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  1. Love this! What a great start to my day.


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