Freedom’s Song: Welcome All

So fellow travelers, back home from our Thanksgiving road trip, snuggled on the couch with our dog as a curtain of lake effect rain falls from the steel grey sky.

“Lake  effect rain” is our local weather team’s reminder it would be snowing if the temperatures were colder.

As in :  keep those snow shovels handy and snow blowers at the ready.

Buddy, our front door greeter stands ready.

I’m using this quiet time to regroup mentally after several unsettling interactions over the weekend. Feeling close to an emotional tipping point is a flag I have learned to pay attention to.

Anger, fear and judgement are heavy burdens to bear and it’s hard to witness the toll they take on people. It’s not easy these days to have faith that Love will prevail. This deep weariness of spirit is a signal I need to reset priorities, redefine purpose and renew my committment to acting from kindness.

In trying to return to mindful compassion, I found myself recalling the recent blessing of birds. Within the memory I found some words which lingered on the edge of awareness. I hope anyone seeking safe passage on their journey through this life will feel welcome in my space.

Chinaberry Feast

Robins singing freedoms song

Migrants welcome here

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready .

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