Autumn Zinnias

via Daily Prompt: Gratitude

So fellow travelers, today’s blog prompt from WordPress is Gratitude.

With a forecast for heavy winds, rain and plummeting temps I knew the flowers still lingering in my garden were better cut and brought inside to enjoy than left to the elements.



Gratitude today

Is gathering zinnias

So late in autumn


 It’s a rare treat to even have flowers so late in the season.

The zinnias greeted me cheerfully on my kitchen table this morning as wind and rain sent leaves scattering all through the yard. One last breath of summer to be grateful for.




Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Mountain Magic

So fellow travelers, I woke this morning to the booming echo of Big Black Dog woofs ricocheting through snow dusted trees.

Peering through the frost lined window I can just make out the solid profile of Mt Monandnock against a pearl dawn sky.

I scrunch deeper into layered warmth of red and green comforters and watch the light change.

Downstairs I hear the rattle of kibble filling dog bowls and the happy tap dance of my friend Kate’s Big Black Dogs.

Listening closely I heard words from the distant Mountain.

Stand tall touch the sky

 Mountain magic steady strong

Stars of hope shine bright.

As I approach this winter season I find myself seeking something deep and elusive. I know not what it is,

not yet

While I search I will gratefully gather all the threads of Light I can find in good faith they will weave a strong braid of hope for the coming year.

Mt. Monandnock making magic with the Grandmother Moon.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Morning Flyover

So fellow travelers,  I’ve been enjoying the morning light while I have it.


In a few days, daylight savings time will spring forward, kicking my morning routine back into darkness.  Nevermind. The symphony of spring adds new voices every day and I am grateful to be up and out early enough to hear them.

The call of geese is a signature sound of the changing seasons. Today several flocks flew through our skies and these words sprang up.

Calls echo Look Up!
Dotted line flies overhead
Racing through to Spring


Sacred moments I’m grateful to have anytime light or dark.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

December Dandelion

So fellow travelers,  we here in Upstate NY are living in a Strange New World. It’s a world where temperatures are in the 60’s and Christmas lights cast their colorful glitter across lawns of green grass. We bask some what uneasily under snowless skies, shooting furtive glances at the lavendar clouds, convinced Lake Effect will descend at any time.

“We’re gonna pay for this later you know,” is a frequent comment I hear from my colleagues and neighbors. Really?  As if Mother Nature keeps some sort of balance sheet on which we owe her a tremendous debt for this gift of unseasonably warm weather. Hey, if is there is a balance sheet, I dare say we might have some credit due on our end to compensate for the brutal winter we survived earlier this year.

I have a different perspective; I simply accept the fact our weather is what it is. I am grateful for the good days, dress in layers for all other times and keep walking dogs through all of it. Which is how Delilah and I came upon this little pop of joy as we headed out yesterday evening. “Oh! A December Dandelion,” I exclaimed as she sniffed curiously at the flower which boldly defied the calendar.  The phrase wove itself into this haiku.

December Dandelion

Snow less skies green grass

December dandelions

Strange gifts this season


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.