Gifts of Potholders and Poetry

So fellow travelers, listen up:

“We are currently experiencing some heavy turbulence.  The Captain has turned on the seat belt sign.  Please fasten your seat belts and for your comfort and safety we ask that you remain seated for this part of the trip.”

Most of the time, Life does not provide us with a heads up, buckle in announcement.  Turbulence can hit with gut wrenching force.  One day a cherished companion or dear loved one is there, the next they are gone from our lives. One hour there’s a plan in place to manage a situation, maybe even a “b” plan, then a sudden change leaves us scrambling for any plan, a through z, with workable options. One minute your kid drives to work, the next you are grateful that same kid walked away from the fire that destroyed what was your car.

Things can be replaced, lives cannot. This is true.

It is also true some things represent more than a material object.  A handmade pillow, a special bumper sticker,  a GPS which stored favorite birding sites, secret trail heads and go-back-and-get-that-photo-spots. But your kid made it home to collapse in tears while you hugged her and said it will be ok. Because eventually it really will be.

There are no seat belts to secure when the emotional aftermath of life events hit.  We may in fact be standing rather than seated when an angry outburst eviscerates the trust we had in someone close. When fear and grief shake us awake in the darkest hours of the night. When our faith is tested it is easy to believe we are alone.

Until an anonymous friend sends you a one of a kind potholder in the mail,



The Giving Tree by Maria Wulf


or another friend writes a poem which reminds you where truth can be found,


The desk of poet Tom Atkins


or yet another friend kneels in sheep poop to join you on a spontaneous photographic adventure.


Fellow Shutterbug Farmie Beth Heffern


No longer alone, surrounded by friends*



gathered to have lunch with a guest of honor over 1,400 miles away



you find yourself breathing joy,


and remembering no matter how tough the path may be we are on this journey together.



Walk soft on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.


*Postscript: For more about our “farmie” gathering at the Round House Cafe read Deb German Young’s post on Finding Community


Deborah H Rahalski

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