Sunrise Promise

So fellow travelers, life beyond the blog has been busy, extremely busy in both good and challenging ways.  Thankfully Spirit has a way of creating those moments to make us stop, take a breath and just be.


Sun rises clouds part

Light’s promise of a new day

Let joy start anew


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.



Thoughts: Cycles of Encouragement

I was catching up with the posts on the Bedlam Farm Creative group facebook page and I saw this shot of the teacup. Even before reading the post, my eyes got all sweaty.I start my day with Tom’s poems, they always seem to have just the message I need ( not always the message I want, but always the one I need ) Often the writing and images of other members bring the gifts of insight or even a good laugh just when I need one. It is however the genuine friendships I have been blessed to find among the members of this wonderful community which are the best gift of all. When I have a chance to give something in return I am grateful to do so. The page is open for public viewing on Facebook, just search for Creative Group at Bedlam Farm, I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Quarry House


This past weekend I spent three days surrounded with creative souls from all over the country. They had come to visit Bedlam Farm, the home of Jon Katz, the best-selling author and his wife (and fabric artist) Maria Wulf. Every year, the two of them open their farm to visitors and fans. They do this twice a year, once in the early summer, and once right at the peak of fall color here in New England. This year, in addition to the open house, they also sponsored a Creativity Conference spearheaded by Lisa Dingle, where there were classes on writing, poetry, blogging, photography, art, and music.

Over the three days of conference and open house, I mingled and talked with writers and artists in every genre you can imagine. There were people who do all kinds of crafts and photographers and storytellers. There were soulful people who would…

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And The Angels Smiled

I have much to share about an amazing weekend I spent with my creative friends. Here from the blog of writer Mary Ann Monteverde Hines is a moment painted with words both powerful and precise. Truly there is hope for healing of even the deepest pain when we come together with open hearts.

Dancing In The Rain

In a crowd, you stood alone
amid a swirling cloud of loss and emptiness.

I saw in your eyes
the same weary sadness
that haunts my sleepless nights.
Your shoulders pressed down
under the weight of endless grief.

My heart heard your silent cry
and would not let me stand by

I too know the moonscape jungle of being left behind
with no warning or explanation.
The freezing wilderness of “Why?” and “What do I do Now?”

I have no answers for you.
The dark and furtive creatures
of anger and pain
still gnaw on my bones
in unguarded moments.

But when I opened my arms to you
as a sister in sorrow
and you returned my guileless embrace
with an innocent heart
an explosion of healing love
engulfed us.

And the angels smiled.


About this poem.

I was at a gathering of incredible, loving and creative people this…

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Shedding Old Skin

An insight packed blog post from fellow Creative Group writer Mary Ann Monteverde Hines.

Dancing In The Rain

On Saturday, when we came back from dropping the dogs off at grooming, I noticed what I thought was biggest earth worm I had ever seen. When I looked a little closer, I saw that it was a ribbon snake. We have dozens of them living in our stone walls. They are usually very shy so I could tell right away that this one was dead. At another time in my life I would have been terrified and disgusted by a snake. I’m a city girl and snakes scared the crap out of me. But something in me has changed. I couldn’t leave it where it could be run over. I reached down picked it up and laid it on top of the stone wall. I looked at it closely and saw how beautiful it was; so graceful and delicate. It’s black scales shone like paten leather. I turned it…

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Love and Hugs From the Sun

So fellow travelers, as I walked our dog this evening and caught this vision of light from the setting sun, a beautiful and comforting thought occurred to me.  The sun I was watching set was at that same time rising above Tokyo where our daughter is learning to make her way in the world. While college is going well, she has recently been dealing with health and housing challenges.  All I can do from here is answer questions when she shares them and support her with loving words of encouragement. I miss being able to hug her, so for now those hugs will have to travel across the miles with the Sun.



Setting sun sinks west

rising to greet you with love

from my heart to yours