Poem: Almost Equinox

Farewell Summer, for me means ( as least for a few more year ) good bye to daily writing and spontaneous photo shoots as I head back to work with the high school kids returning to school. Its a frustration I tolerate with decreasing patience each year. For now, this insight on the equinox (or not) from my friend Tom Atkins offers a reflection of the unending push within I often feel myself. Dance in the leaves my friends.

Quarry House

leafAlmost Equinox

You are startled to see it, 
a single red leaf, the first of the season, 
a refugee from a tree of green just ahead, 
the sole truth bearer, reminder
that today the seasons change
and the world will become both more beautiful
and more harsh
its youthful exuberance fading with each passing night. 

Soon, there will be frost. 
Lightly at first. Then icy hard
as the weeks and months careen into winter. 
Days will grow shorter. Nights, longer. 

But you are the rebel. Always a bit off season, 
off-kilter, contrary – not enough to be dangerous, 
but just enough to be noticed, 
a thing of color when the world is green, 
and green when the world explodes in red, yellow and death,
a bothersome thing to some,
a strange thing to others,
true more to yourself than calendars or years or station,
you dance in the wind,

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Zen moment LilyBud

So fellow travelers, a zen moment from the pond this morning

Beauty tightly bound

To bloom one must trust let go 

and open to Light

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready. 

Cotton Candy Promises

So fellow travelers, a haiku in honor of making it through the first day of school.

Cotton candy clouds 

Morning sky pink with promise

A new year begins 

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready. 

Zen moment The Mahjong Tree

So fellow travelers, I have arrived at a quiet retreat center for a weekend of creative adventures with several friends.

Early morning bird calls had me out walking a dew laden trail where I came around a corner and startled a small flock of goldfinches.

They swooped up to the shelter of a large tree at the edge of the field  where they twittered loudly at my intrusion. It reminded me of a phrase used in Mahjong to describe the sound of the tiles being mixed before stacking “the twittering of sparrows”.

Twittering tree song

Yellow dots dash branch to branch

Sweet morning greeting

Giving thanks for this zen moment I left the little feathered chorus to resume their morning routine and walked on along the path for further adventures.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready. 

Zen moment Morning Light

So fellow travelers,  it is the last weekend of summer break.

A solar light by my pond captured the rays of early morning sunlight and sang a haiku in rhyme

Day dawns golden bright 

Hope and promise of first Light

Adventure takes flight

One more adventure calls.
Stay tuned.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.