Thoughts: Homer’s Garden

Funny (or serendipitous) how the Forces fighting for us toss out those lifelines at the peak of necessity. This morning when frustration had just about hit peak implosion, Tom’s moving post appeared in my reader feed. Reading his thoughts which echoed many of my own I felt a wave of relief pushing back at those time eating demons. I no longer feel so isolated in my fight to reclaim what my spirit keeps urging me it needs. Thanks Tom for the connection and the reminders. If we reach out and listen, we will hear the Truth; none of us is ever truly Alone.

Quarry House

Homers Garden 2

I spent some time in my studio yesterday. It’s the second time in a week I’ve cut aside some time to paint.

The woman I love is always concerned when I am not painting. She knows the bigger story of my life, and how, many, many years ago I got so involved in a busy life that I let my creative life get pushed aside and how, after years of letting it evaporate, I slowly came undone.

Was that the reason for my undoing? Not alone. Other things, in particular, my marriage, were also coming undone at the same time, but the lack of creativity was the sign I have come to understand, of something else, something else.

The lack of expressiveness.

In the end, I have come to believe, creativity is less an end to itself than a method of expressing ourselves, of opening ourselves up, of getting things…

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The Gravity of Illusion

So fellow travelers, those moments we pass through when changes come so fast and furious we lose sight of all points of reference like being caught in a vicious riptide until exhausted, we cease to struggle and in letting go find ourselves drifting, free at last from the current and able to swim to shore.

Such a strange existence

 this life under water

 bound by illusion’s gravity

 captive in mind’s mirror

 until a pebble of child’s laughter

 breaks the surface tension

 sending ripples of joy to break us free.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Zen Moment Finding Light

So fellow travelers, the Light this morning on my way to work was enticing.


Sunrise cast a spell on trees and fields, turning everything rose gold.   Delicate clouds danced across a pristine blue sky hinting  of adventures to be discovered. Yet on I drove, yearning to catch these elusive moments  knowing how quickly they dissipate

     20170410_192657    20170410_065754

         dawns early light from the road and the same shot five minutes later 

For now a glimpse of gold caught as I walked in from the parking lot. A promise framed by walls of responsibility. I remain committed to giving my students the best I have to offer for as long as I am called to work. Yet I admit the challenges of this year are weighing heavily on my spirit and I am looking forward to spring break when I can chase the Light to my heart’s content.

Fields of ruby gold

Clouds dance trees dawn kissed by light

Savor zen’s blessing


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Zen Moment Sunburst

So fellow travelers, lately the emotions of long distance love have stretched some heartstrings to near break point.

When family fills your heart, miles bridging months expanding into years sometime seem vast beyond reason. More so when one’s immediate purpose has lost its drive.

I’ve always said I never wanted to become one of those ghosts who show up at the door just to get in the hours to hit some designated benchmark. That is not who I am.

Which is why I’m struggling to redefine the meaning in my work day situations.

Then a bit of Light breaks through the dense fog of uncertainty and wakes my spirit with this

Sunburst after rain

Memory of a moment

Love arcing through time


One moment of magic reminds me joy need not wait.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Sailing with Vinnie, part two

So fellow travelers, the painting from last week’s little art adventure has been perched on an easel nagging at me to reconsider it’s merits.


Those iconic Van Gogh swirls are harder to achieve than they look.


Vincent’s famous Starry Night 

The studio which hosted the fundraiser I attended offers an SOS event once a month. Save Our Stuff is a free session where participants of previous events can bring their paintings to rework them.  It’s scheduled during the last week of each month.

I’m not that patient.

So yesterday after work, I pulled out brushes and paints, then got to work.

Acrylics are easy to fix because even darker areas can be covered by a new layer. Still, reworking the swirly sky (which to me looks more like kindergarten roses than stellar Van Gogh astronomy) meant either completely repainting the sail or working meticulously around it.

I mentioned I am not that patient, yes? I’m also not that steady of hand. Yet I did manage to leave enough of the sail when repainting the sky. Then, using dinner as a distraction, I managed to wait for it all to dry enough to retouch edges and details before adding the ode to Van Gogh sun.

van gogh redo

While this fix feels better to me, it still feels unfinished. Maybe Vinnie and I have some additional collaborating to work on. We’ll see where our little boat takes us.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Sailing with Vinnie

So fellow travelers, just a little artwork from a fun “Painting with a Purpose” event celebrating Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday.

20170330_185201    20170330_192642

Raising funds for the PwP artist’s grant program seemed a fitting way to honor him. Artists struggle to make a decent livelihood, in fact, Van Gogh sold only a few paintings in his short lifetime. He died by his own hand never knowing he would become one of the most famous and recognized artists of the next century or that his unique style would inspire painters of early modern art or that his use of color and techniques would influence artists for decades to come.

The currently trendy painting studio franchises may be better known for merriment than masterpieces yet there is a good measure of merit in encouraging people to have fun with art. Everyone at the event I attended left smiling and laughing with their own unique interpretation of a sailboat navigating the waters under a Van Gogh inspired sky. I called mine “Sailing with Vinnie.”  Look closely you might see him soaring free.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.