November Zen

So fellow travelers, as Michelle #GratitudeWeek2019 continues the prompt for today is to think about what (or who) we might take for granted.
What came to mind was time. 

What came to mind was
……. time……
Today I had a dentist appointment and even though I ended up having a filling repaired I felt grateful. Because I had to take time off for the appointment I was given a chance to take our dog for a longer walk when I got home.

Bracing cold November winds gave me this view and haiku.

Deep arctic blue sky
Oak leaves rattle acorns fall
Sunlight hugs my soul

As the novocaine wears off and a little ache sets in I realize it is simply a reminder of how precious just a few extra hours can be.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready

Deborah H Rahalski


  1. It is lovely when there is a blue November sky. We have had the beginning of the grey time – where the sky is a perpetual grey and we all have to start thinking about Vit. D supplements… still I’m thankful for my soft and warm cuddle duds wrap and the efficient space heater!

  2. I’m glad your tooth is all fixed! And extra glad for the time to enjoy a beautiful, autumn walk with your dog! I love little gifts like that…

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