A Line in the Sand

So fellow travelers, RaVan2.o’s maiden voyage was a glorious success and musings on our explorations at Acadia National Park will follow soon.

That’s a promise made as much to myself as to you all, a binding intention to hold a focus of forward momentum, because right now I want nothing more than to hunker down in a blanket fort for the next four weeks.

The outrage is beyond exhausting
the frustration feels unresolvable
the apprehension becomes immobilizing
so you let the gravity of grief pull you down
and you sit in silence 
all tears long since spent
you sit with the emotions
because there is no where to go
where the anguish is not
and in the stillness of staying with
comes acknowledgement of what is
of what perhaps has always been
and finally given permission to exist
resistance relinquishes
you breathe
as if pushed up for air
just before drowning
a breath of commitment like your first
unclenching your fists
you rise, draw a deep long line in the sand
turn your face to the sun and walk away
never once looking back.

I’ll be back with the wonders of the Acadian Expedition just as soon as I get that blanket fort set-up.

Walk gently on the path my friends and let Love Light the way

Deborah H Rahalski


  1. You are not alone in the feeling of dread. The next 4 weeks may determine the future of our democracy/republic. I am trying to maintain a hopeful attitude. Your adventure with the new vehicle sounds like a success!

    1. Not dread really, just plain and simple fatigue. People have become so reactive, they are pushing back at each other- ranting over minor differences even when they ae on the “same” side of the issues. My focus is on moving forward and we won’t be able to if we keep focusing on blame instead of solutions.

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