Accepting Joy

So fellow travelers, each morning a thought for the day arrives by email.

Good morning. Here comes your morning moment of zen.

Today’s message spoke of acceptance.  More specifically, it referenced accepting our part in a Bigger Plan of what’s unfolding in this life.

That’s been a challenge for me this year, yet slowly I am coming around to comprehending some of the pieces.

In my adolescent years, I knew with the brash certainty of youth there could be no Grand Plan. Life’s twisted circumstances were far too random to make any sense. Along the way to here and now, my experiences with unexpected serendipity and Universal Consciousness gradually brought me back to center.

Dawn kissed dew scatters fairy lights across fresh spring grass.


Those experiences were more likely to be a glint of sunlight than a flash of cosmic lightning. The lessons came as quiet whispers, gentle reminders of inner truths waiting to be heard. This not to say my journey did not have it’s crash and burn episodes.

I’m grateful for those tough lessons too. Grateful to have come through stronger, more aware if not outright wiser and most of all with a deeper compassion for those who suffer or struggle.

If this belief in the inter-connectedness of life through all space and time is a simple minded attempt to give meaning to my otherwise insignificant journey, well, I’ll take that as it is. After all I crave simplicity more than ever these days.

Like the simple joy of catching golden light at sunrise in a shimmering dew drop.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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