Focal Point

So fellow travelers, after several weeks of unseasonably mild weather, winter has delivered quite a sucker punch timed to hit right at the beginning of  winter break.

winterwindow            winterwindowcolorized

A not so Happy Valentines Day          turned rosy with some photo effects

It started with two days of bone chilling sub zero temps and wind chills, with a side of sneaky lake effect snow bands guaranteed to create thrill rides on the local highways for those of us who had reasons (like welcoming a transport of fifty new rescue dogs) to be on the road inspite of travel advisories.  Then, not content to simply let temperatures rise above freezing, Crotchey Old Man Winter decided to crank the thermostat back and forth so a meandering cold front – warm front border brought us snow, sleet, rain, slush (yes coming down in clumps from the sky not just forming on the road) and more snow. Lather, rinse, repeat for a good eighteen hours.

Worst of all, the light has gone completely flat and grey, so shooting photos of the snow and ice covered wonderland out there has resulted in disappointing images.

winterlakeview              notsosparklesnow

A  favorite trail view looked flat and sparkle snow (the best of dozens of exposures) fell far short of what I saw.


I found myself stuck in a grey puddle of mental slush, feeling stifled and uninspired.

And then this morning, while Delilah and I ventured out between snow drifts, I managed to catch a few images, ironically not with my DSLR but using my phone camera. When I downloaded them I found this little gem.


The joy of getting just one great image after days of disappointment was an amazing rush. Suddenly things on my bucket list which have been missed take on a new life.  A guided birding trip to a local nature reserve where raptors have congregated this year in record numbers postponed for a few weeks?  Great, gives me time to brush up on my telephoto lens skills.  A special concert was rescheduled to next month?  Oh good, I have now have a couple extra hours to edit photos.

Finding the Right Light, feeling joy, capturing the awe in every day life it really is right there if I look.  It’s all about what I choose as the focal point in the lens of my daily perspective.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.





Deborah H Rahalski

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