Gratitude and so it begins…..

My fledgling blog is made possible by the inspiration and encouragement of my friends in the Open Group for Bedlam Farm. This “ministry of encouragement” was created by author Jon Katz, whose books, blogs and photography kept my creative spirit alive during the years I was distracted (often in happy ways) by life.  As my daughters have grown into talented young women preparing to walk their own journey of life something within my soul began to stir.  Jon’s OGFBF turned a whisper in my heart to bold steps on a new path.

So I begin by giving thanks with a poem for my new  family.  Thank you my friends!cafebouquet

Thank You

Thank you for the chicken pot pie

Thank you for feathered jewels that fly

Thanks for suns that rise and set

For kisses from dogs I’ve never met

For vultures lost and vertebrates found

For spiders beauty high above ground

For taking me through woods sublime

and over bridges locked forever in time

Whispering chairs

Mysterious stairs

Famous places

Beloved faces

With stories told by hearts made bold

By support from artists new and old

I laugh, I cry, I visualize


I am mesmerized!

Deborah H Rahalski

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