So fellow travelers,  high winds and wintery winds chills grounded an intended birding expedition yesterday.


The morning was not a total loss, as the Cornell Ornithology Lab has a 24/7 hawk nest camera as well as several BOGs (birder on ground) who were livestreaming from various locations.  Through their lenses I got to watch ospreys fishing,  two Great Egrets hunting by a large pond and a good assortment of ducks and returning small birds. One of the BOGs captured a shot of Ezra snatching a grey squirrel right off the ground for Big Red, his mate at the nest.

Still, given a choice I’d prefer my birding encounters to happen in person.

So I was thrilled to hear a familiar high pitched call and catch sight of a beautiful red tail hawk sailing over the trees along the road where my dog and I went for our afternoon walk.  As it turned and headed towards the woods, I caught a glimpse of a successful hunt.  This haiku landed in my thoughts as I headed home with a grateful heart.


Wings flash red tail waves

squirrel’s sacrifice dinner

for a nesting mate




Editorial note:  The photo shop “paintings” are created from Cornell Ornithology Hawk Cam photo files used by permission.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready


Deborah H Rahalski


  1. I was drawn out the back door and to the cool edge of the melting Hudson this morning. I was greeted with honks, quacks, and tweets of natural origin. A fine and rewarding morning it was. It’s funny how satisfying those moments are.
    Happy birding…

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