In The Beginning

So fellow travelers, some times when things fall apart they are really falling into place.

That just happened in a most wonderful way with an amazing group of people and I am blessed to be part of their magical, inspirational, adventurous world.  I cannot wait to start laughing and crying and dreaming and daring and creating great stuff with them.

So I wont wait.

I will start right now with this haiku to celebrate the beginning


A house of cards fell

Yet chaos left sacred space

Finally I’m home


(Photo note: this festive New Year’s display features miniatures of traditional Japanese good luck altar pieces.  A good spirit mask (always invite the good spirits, they  scare away the evil ones)  mochi (rice cakes, one must always offer the ancestors food) and lucky bamboo (for prosperity and good health.)  The little princess is dressed in her very best kimono.  Behind the little display is a stone lantern with two rocks saying Peace and Joy. Perfect image for how my heart feels tonight)

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.


Deborah H Rahalski

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