Left Coast Dreams: Just Getting There is an Adventure

So fellow travelers, since I didn’t transcribe the journal notes about our first trip to Portland  (the posts I intended to write just never gelled to my satisfaction) this series will be a happy blend of both experiences. In the process of compiling photos and notes from this year’s expedition I became aware our return trip was necessary to completing the experience, at least from my creative vantage point.  More thoughts on that to come. Meanwhile it’s boarding time.

I have been flying all my life; I was an infant the first time I ever flew in a plane. Although it would be another decade before I boarded a plane again, air travel then became a constant of my life.


Airtravel circa 1967. Don’t we look fab?

Back then air travel was such a big deal we dressed up as if going to church.  Given the amount of praying which goes on during take off and landing I guess this makes sense. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see passengers in yoga wear or sweatpants. Given the decreasing square inches of airline seating these days,  I can’t say I blame anyone who boards dressed for comfort. I haven’t worn a dress on a plane since mini skirts hit the clearance racks.

I like flying and I am not an anxious traveler.  I admit I am an anxious trip planner, but somehow once the last suitcase is zipped and the boarding passes are printed ( my phone is too slow for those techie online ones ) my brain kicks into “Let’s do this!” mode.  I always feel a wave of peace just before take off and the rush at landing is more of excitement than fear. In fact I tend to chuckle during landings because I always hear my Dad ( he’s the dapper guy in shades pictured above) saying “Ok kids, get ready to drag your feet.”

Last year’s trip out to Portland was a comedy of missed connections involving a race back to our home airport via airport shuttle, an unplanned overnight in Chicago, additional departures delays which had us arriving in PDX on separate flights almost a day later than expected.  Thank goodness I had booked a beach house for the first weekend so we could relax and reset to full vacation mode.


The Blue Mermaid Beach cottage in Rockaway Beach Oregon.

So this year, when United Airlines had their system meltdown a few days before our scheduled departure, some concern on my part seemed justifiable.  As so often proves true, I worried needlessly.  Intellectually, I know worry is a form of negative meditation. The source of it’s energy is fear is based in the past and future. I know if I examine what is happening right now there is rarely, in fact extremely rarely, anything to fear.  Years of spiritual practice and I am still working at being aware of right now


The joy of flying.

To book affordable airfare, we usually have to fly from another airport (hence the reason for last year’s shuttle drive back to Syracuse from Binghamton to catch a different flight when ours was cancelled.)  This time the itinerary change worked to our advantage, as we would now be departing and returning from our home airport at no extra cost.  If the airlines really want us to leave from here, I wish we could convince them to let us book the tickets that way from the beginning.

No matter, the entire trip out went without a hitch; we even made the connecting flight (we had exactly forty four minutes between flights) with time to spare and we arrived early enough to have dinner at Sizzle Pie with our daughter and son-in-law.


Favorite youngest daughter Emma by the Sizzle Pie Food Pyramid.

The adventure of PDX was off to a great start.

To be continued

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.




Deborah H Rahalski

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