On the Road to friends and high places: Part Three Feasting on Friendship

So fellow travelers, having arrived at the Round House Cafe for good food and fellowship, I was accompanied by an unexpected attendee.


 When the thread about the potential lunch gathering wound it’s way through the creative group, one of our members rued her inability to attend. Nancy lives in Oklahoma which is a tad too far a distance to travel for lunch, although last fall she did make the journey east to attend the Bedlam Farm Open House.

As consolation for missing lunch, we offered to text her and send photos from the cafe. She gave us her cell phone number, inspite of knowing this now left her vulnerable to who knows what kind of “farmie message madness” beyond our lunch event. Furthermore,  she promised to make herself available and not wander off to rescue dogs or move obstinate hogs, things she is apt to do and then write about quite brilliantly in her blog. So we tagged the event as “Lunch with Nancy,” and thanks to some creative graphic design by Beth, Nancy was indeed able to attend.


The humorous banter which followed during lunch included messages like “Hey Nancy, so glad you made it.”  “Gosh I have this odd feeling like I am in two places at once.”  “Oh Nancy, what a FLATtering photo of you,  looking great!”  “Why, yes don’t I look nice and thin!”  “Hey Nancy stop dancin on the tables,  Scott will kick us out!”  “Oh dear I am such a rebel aren’t I ?”


In between messages to and from Nancy, the conversation around the table touched on plans for the upcoming Bedlam Farm open houses, cooking adventures, bee keeping, future cross country RV trips and lots of encouragement for members venturing into new endeavors like publishing books, expanding blog readership, staging future art shows.  It’s evident  folks have had a good time when they inch ever so slowly towards the door even as the cafe staff politely sweep the floor around them. Scott is such a gracious host. We finally dispersed only after the promise of a gathering next month perhaps for a photo expedition.

Originally some of us planned to visit a few more fiber farms, but an unexpected encounter with the Hubbard Hall Dance Mob at Battenkill Books kept us in town past the event’s ending time. It was worth it (you can watch the video here) and  Nancy herself had a few things to say to the videographer who was documenting the historic moment.


So we decided to stop instead at another point of interest, recommended by Tom, whose masterful poetry is often accompanied by photos of antiques and whose thoughtful paintings are among some of the featured artwork.



Tom had graciously offered accommodations at his home in West Pawlet, as Kate and I would be staying in the area for the Battenkill Chorus Concert’s Sunday performance.  As a bonus, staying at Tom’s meant I would be able to attend the Sunday morning service at Rupert Methodist Church, something I knew from previous visits would bring some much needed peace to my restless heart.


More on the spiritual energies of stained glass to come…..

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski


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