On the Road to friends and high places: The Grand Finale Lyrics and Lunch

So fellow travelers, two more high points to reach on this weekend adventure.


My friends and I were headed to Marigold Pizza for a delicious lunch, but before we left the beautiful grounds of Park-MacCullough House,  I snapped a few shots of random things which caught my eye.




















Something about this handmade gate spoke to my imagination.  It felt like a symbol for what I was seeking.  I am accustomed to reaching crossroads on my journey, I know change is the only certainty we live with. This time the way to proceed remained unclear for an unusually long time, a sensation I am not used to. I felt I had been at a standstill, waiting for guidance so long maybe I had missed something? I was becoming anxious, unable to stay grounded or find peace especially at night. I would wake with random thoughts buzzing in my head even though I know over thinking solves nothing. I believe if I keep an open heart and mind the Way will become clear in good time.

Keeping an open heart means being vulnerable, a state more challenging to maintain in this past year than any I can remember. Reconnecting with creative expression kept the gate to my heart and soul open. One of the gifts of being in the Bedlam Creative Group is the safe haven of it’s community.  We nurture and challenge one another in ways which support growth and exploration. It is a safe “place”  to be myself,  even as my sense of self is shifting. I use place in quotes because the majority of time our group connects online, rather than at an actual location.

Strange though it may be, the experiences I have in the CGBF’s virtual space have given me more hope and encouragement than most of my day to day interactions. Miraculously these virtual relationships become solid friendships when members of the creative group finally do get to meet. Spending physical time with these true friends affirms healing, hope, joy and love are real, strengthening my resolve to face the rumbling storms of  change.

Or maybe that was a rumble of a hungry belly?  Must be time for lunch! I  was more than ready to lighten up and enjoy a meal.


Marigold Pizza is a neat little spot, serving delicious artisan pizzas made with all local ingredients, right down to the flour they use to make the pizza dough. Yes, you can taste the difference. Based on my tasty meal, all I can say is I now have a second wonderful location I would consider driving 3.5 hours to eat lunch!


Bodies and souls nourished by great food and good conversation, Kate and I were soon on the road to the Immaculate Conception Parish on main street in Hoosick Falls.


I had to smile when I saw the beautiful stained glass windows inside, a perfect a reminder of the morning’s meditations and spiritual insights.  There was also an art show of pieces done by some of the chorus members, from mixed media to photography. Clearly the groups talents extend far beyond singing. The program was a wonderful variety of classical and contemporary pieces.  The director gave a brief description of each piece and its significance within the chorus performance history.  Each piece from Mozart or Rachmaninoff to Copeland, Ives or Whittaker filled the beautiful church with rich emotions and tones. Music is a miracle of human spirit transcending age, gender, race, creed and culture, able to speak to any mind in it’s universal language.

As the final harmonies of the closing number, a jaunty spirited rendition of Bobby Troup’s hit Route 66, faded into applause, I gratefully gathered the momentum  to fuel my drive home.  Two hearty hugs, a promise to see each other soon and I was on my way.  Spirits lifted, my heart lighter I knew clarity was beginning to take hold. I  knew because images began to speak; one which I simply had to pullover and jot down on a paper napkin (note to self, leave journal handy rather than packed away next trip.) I continued down the road, ready to face the music of the high roads and deep valleys ahead.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready 









Deborah H Rahalski

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