Return to Bedlam Farm : Living in a Gallery

So fellow travelers, I was on the road again last weekend for the Bedlam Farm Art Show and Open House.

Several of us are stayed at a very unique apartment in Greenwich ( that’s Green-like-the-color-Wich  not Gren-as-in-Connecticut-Wich see sign below for verification. )


That’s ok. I took me a few seconds to laugh too


The “Loft Apartment on Main Street”, as it is dubbed on Air B&B, is spacious and truly unique.


We were  surrounded by books




sacred icons


and some eclectic items


Indeed yes, this is a large vertabrae.  I realized when editing I needed something in the shot for scale.  For reference my hand would fit inside the center circle.

From a photographers perspective the space is challenging because it is so cavernous and diversely, even dimly, lit. Good practice for working with camera settings.


SOC image of the first try on manual settings.

And I will be honest, being there alone the first night was more than a tad eerie. The mind does crazy things once it gets spooked. I passed on the scenic art views and easy access to the kitchen from the central suite and opted to bunk in the rear bedroom which had the door to the back deck.  You know in case one of these fellows started talking and I needed a quick exit point.


The bed in the back room also featured a set of two beautifully embroidered pillows


Great Blue Herons are one of my spirit guides and guardians. Spotting one is always an affirmation I am on the right path, so finding these gave me a feeling of peace. I set out on this trip acutely aware I was carrying more than the bags I had loaded in the borrowed car I was driving. Processing change leaves me feeling vulnerable and I was grateful to know who stood watch at the foot of the stairs as I slept that night.

kwanyin edit

to be continued

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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