Setting Love Free



My friend and creative mentor Jon Katz had to let his sweet dog Lenore go today, taken by a  recently discovered painful tumor in her spine.  Her death was a sudden and unexpected blow to all of the Bedlam Farm Community.

It is impossibly difficult to say goodbye to Love.  These words came to me once tears had run dry.



Somewhere in Heaven

Where dogs run free

A friend of mine is walking

Shes eating forbidden apples

And basking in the sun

Her jet black coat soaking up Love

So  Radiant Rays from her sweet gentle heart

Will shine down to comfort those of us left behind.

lenore and jay


Goodbye Lenore, sweet Hound of Love.  Those of us blessed to have visited Bedlam Farm thank you for the love.

(Photo note:  The photos of Lenore were taken at the June 2014 Bedlam Farm Open House.  We sat for a while sharing some secrets and later in the day she offered to help Jeff Anderson’s son Jay with his lunch. )

Deborah H Rahalski

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