Shared Post: Love Held Close

So fellow travelers, a truly special guest post today.  This link will bring you to a  moving and beautiful poem about the love we have for our companion animals written by the talented Kate Rantilla, a fellow Creative Bedlam Group member, someone I am also blessed to call friend and Spirit Sister.

Kate is one of those people who has depth in her observations  and a compassionate heart of gold. She also has the BEST soulful laugh. We’ve been rooming together for the Bedlam Events for a couple of years now.  The last time we stayed at the retreat center, a plaque on our door stated  Daughters of the King  and so it came to pass that we became sisters by proclamation.  The ease with which we picked up where we left of when we last saw each other  made it obvious the connection between us was not just a “special event glow.” We went from Roommates for Life to Sisters of the Heart in a hug and a few good laughs.

In a few days Kate and I will meet in Saratoga to hear another CGBF friend, Candy Cuthbert, sing with the Battenkill chorus at the stunning  Zankel Music Center of Skidmore College. The next day we will meet with a few other “farmie” friends at the Round House Cafe for brunch.  It is a respite that comes at a perfect time, when my tolerance  for “stupid $#!+ ”  at work is at it’s breaking point and I can’t afford to break.  I have a daughter headed for college later this year in Tokyo!  But that is the subject for  future post.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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