So fellow travelers, grab some sunscreen and a towel, we are going to the beach!


There is something sacred embedded in that moment of catching a first glimpse of the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  This time, that first glimpse came while riding the Coaster, a local train which runs between San Diego and Oceanside. The train is a local icon; numerous residents I met spoke of how much their kids/grandkids loved to ride it. Jon Foreman has song in his repertoire called Southbound Train, it ran as a continuous loop in my head while I took in the scenery up to Oceanside.

Those moments of sacred connection would manifest in unexpected ways through my week on the coast.


Blessings and grace beyond anything I could have anticipated or dared to expect.

Deborah H Rahalski

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  1. The smell of salt air is delightful. When visiting my sister on a windy day I didn’t realize the mist in the air would make my hair and skin salty! (that’s what happens when you live in the Midwest away from the big water!

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