Winter Solstice 2015

So fellow travelers , the gift of sunlight in this time of shortest days is always a treasured gift.  The arrival of the winter Solstice is our reminder that darkness will give  way to Light. It’s a time to hold fast to hope and the promise of love.

My daughter captured beautiful images of a dancing flow of rainbows cast across our little Christmas village created by a little burst of sunlight . This holiday together has been most precious for us, made sweeter as I know she will be heading back out on her own journey again all too soon. Rainbows on this little village she loves; promises of a future bright with adventure and joy.

20151219_110459 (1)


The promise of Light returning is what makes the Winter Solstice the most significant holiday of the year for me.  If I had to choose only one day of celebration for the year, it would be the Winter Solstice.  Recognizing this annual reminder to focus on Hope and Light is so essential to my beliefs, I found a way to make it part of our seasonal traditions   Candle Night, as it has become known in our home, is a bit pagan, a little reminiscent of Hanukkah and centers on the Christian (Lutheran for me) symbols of an Advent wreath and Nativity.

As my daughters travel further into their futures, it is the Light of Love which will keep us connected, the same Light which connects us all if we open our hearts.  Many friends this year are facing holidays shadowed by the sadness of loss.  It is these words I would gift to them and anyone whose hearts ache in the midst of this season.

Winter Solstice Haiku

We’ve walked in darkness
Long enough now Light returns
Winter Solstice gift

Blessed Season of Light to all.


(Photo of the rainbow on the village pond.  The image is SOOC , the color was indeed this bright at times as my daughter sat taking photos.)

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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