So fellow travelers, I am looking through my files from this weekend’s adventure.


Last month during our  lunch at the RoundHouse  the idea of a day trip to Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs came up.  The main focus was for photography with tentative plans for a meal afterwards. I knew it would be well worth the drive for me as I learn a great deal when exploring with my creative friends.

Yaddo is a hidden gem, located right next to the well known Saratoga Race Track.  Founded in 1900, the 400 acre artist retreat center has a distinguished history; many famous works of art and award winning novels have been created there by artists from all over the world. The grounds of the garden under went major restorations in the early 1990’s and are now open t0 the public.  It features a wide variety of vistas from shady woodlands to wide sweeping lawns with fountains and classic statuary.

YaddoRiverEdit YaddoCherubsEdit


Beth commented  it will be interesting to see the different perspectives in the images each of us would be posting afterwards. Indeed, soon after the group convened and newly met friends greeted one another we began to wander around following our own muses.

YaddoBethEdit  YaddoMaryAnneEdit

YaddoTomEdit  YaddoCandyEdit

Acceptance of diversity is one of the CGBF’s greatest attributes.  I am grateful to have my creative outlook enriched by the variety of personalities and styles which mingle so well when we gather. I gain so much, sometimes from direct interactions like a conversation about attributes of different camera lenses, sometimes from quietly observing like watching when Tom chose to use a tripod to get a shot.  Drawn to our own inspirations, we would drift apart and reconvene in certain spots,  like turtle rock


 or converge on a moment, like the appearance of the pileated woodpecker we had been hearing since we arrived


I am always on a quest to learn more about my camera.  Yaddo was an excellent setting for experimenting. Here, for example, is a series of water shots I took at the fountain to play around with shutter speeds.






I felt joy simply in being with a group of friends sharing creative expression each in our own way, with no sense of competition or set agenda. It was a blissful way to spend an afternoon.





Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.


Deborah H Rahalski

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