Zen Moment New Roads

So fellow travelers,  I had to head up to the high school where I work this morning to update my computer password. The smooth, glistening surface of newly paved roadways with freshly painted lines in bright whites and yellows had me pull over to snap a shot.

new road

 In order to access schedules for the coming year I had to log onto a district computer to update my password, an annual security ritual I am usually content to postpone until my first day back at work. An email indicating our schedules would be posted on line early turned out to be inaccurate. Either that or maybe I just pulled the easiest schedule ever since I do not have any class or duty assignments (yet.)

Being back in the building so early actually was a treat. Usually our first day back is pretty hectic, even without our students, who begin classes the next day. The halls were silent and empty except for our wonderful custodial team hard at work polishing the floors.  There was a sentient air of possibilities.  I found myself hoping our students will absorb the atmosphere of new beginnings and make the best of this year.  It’s hard to see the ones who struggle give up so young. One of my personal missions is to finding those bowed heads, make eye contact and give out encouraging smiles everyday.

As I drove back home over the shiny new roads (which road crews were so kind to complete while we were on the Left Coast visiting our kids) I realized words were gathering my feelings into a poem.

The road shines new and
clearly marked yet still you doubt
unsure it is yours

For all those still looking for a way.  Have faith, the road is wide open and yours to take.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.


Deborah H Rahalski

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