A New Song

Greetings, fellow travelers!


Yes it has been a long and silent month here. The struggle to find ways to adapt has moved to a deeply personal level and my energies have been focused elsewhere. I am ok, yet many I know are not. And, the ongoing warfare between narratives troubles me- it has stifled my ability to write coherently. Oh, I continue to journal almost everyday, but rambling rants do not a blog post make! Yet, like the glittering magic of the sunlight on snow, I am finding glimmers of hope. Not long after my last post, I started an online class on the intuitive energy of colors which has helped me reclaim my love for drawing and painting. Not that I’ll be hosting a gallery showing anytime soon, but I am finding great joy and even comfort in my creative efforts.  And slowly but surely the words are coming back as well, as are the migrating voices of Spring. 

Morning symphony
testifies Diversity
is Divine’s desire

Walk gently on the path my friends and let Love Light the way

Deborah H Rahalski

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