All Good Things Vol 1

You know that quote “all good things come to those who wait” and the platitude “everything happens for a reason” which we console ourselves with when faced with crushing disappointment? If you detest them then stop reading NOW because this is one of THOSE stories.

Once upon a time ( it could easily have been a hundred years ago it seems like that much time has passed) an ardent fan of the author Jon Katz set out to visit the legendary Bedlam Farm for a much anticipated Open House. Bold and daring thoughts filled her head, thrilling thoughts of meeting THE dogs of Bedlam Farm, seeing sheep herding demos and maybe just maybe even shaking the hand that penned the words which had filled her life for some many years. Three exits down the NY State Thruway, she pulls off at a rest stop, her car vibrating in an odd manner.  Thinking it must be the chronic low tire pressure of the front right tire that had plagued her for weeks, she pulls over at an air hose.  No problem here. Everything seems fine, until she tries to start the car again. Dead silence. Nothing. Then tears, many many tears as she realizes she maybe going nowhere fast. Confirmed a half hour later when the emergency truck from AAA Emergency Road Service arrives and pronounces her car Dead On the Road.  More tears as she waits for the flatbed to arrive to tow her car to her home service station. Tears and many angry “Whys?”  for which there were no answers as her dream vanished in the cloud of disappointment. (to be continued.)Image

Deborah H Rahalski


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