All Good Things Vol 2

You know that quote “all good things come to those who wait” and the platitude “everything happens for a reason” which we console ourselves with when faced with crushing disappointment? If you detest them then stop reading NOW because this is part two of one of THOSE stories.

A year passes. While her dead car is revived,  her trust in it is broken and their relationship cannot be salvaged.  She drives her husbands car when necessary for road trips, limiting her travels to matters of family only.  A daughter is married, the wedding takes the edge off her bitterness at missing the Open House at Bedlam Farm. Then Jon Katz starts a Facebook experiment called the Open Group for Bedlam Farm:  a  “ministry of encouragement” for creative souls. She is accepted as a member.  Day after day her Facebook feed is filled with posts of photography, poetry, biographical essays, travel logs and artwork from quilts to miniature gardens.  It pushes out the negative political commentary, snide gossip and desperate rescue posts.  She begins to make connections with other members….this one loves to hike, this one lived in Asia too, this one loves to garden, this one rides the rescue roller coaster, this one also writes bad haiku.  An internal whisper grows stronger as members encourage each other to “jump in.”  Her humorous comments, simple photos and bad poetry are not only accepted, other members genuinely enjoy them. She takes notes, write a poem to thank the group and starts a blog. She buys a new camera and is often seen standing on the roadsides around her little town. “No everything is fine,” she cheerfully reassures her neighbors, ” I’m just taking some pictures of the clouds/haystacks/old tractors/wildflowers.”  Every morning she dashes to her laptop. As the coffee maker brews fuel for the day and the dogs eat their breakfast, she taps the desk in anticipation of the daily offering from her favorite poet. Through out the day there are authentic stories that help her face unexpected challenges with grace and genuine funny tales that make her laugh right out loud and dispel anger. In dark moments there is artwork handcrafted in rich tones to lift her spirits. And there are under currents of rebellion and piracy that bring a renewed playfulness to her outlook on life.  and THEN there are plans taking shape for members to meet at the next Open House….(to be continued)Image

Deborah H Rahalski

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