Chasing Rainbows

So, you know dear readers that I myself am a reader of several great blogs from fellow members of Jon Katz’ creative group. ( , ,  to list a few)  The group also has many gifted photographers, poets, musicians and artists.  Frankly I consider myself quite the interloper, a fool among princes, given to bad but heartfelt haikus and an abundance of supportive (and equally heartfelt) commentary. To my bemused surprise, the more we share, the more common ground I find.  Whether it is time spent in another country, a common love of brussel sprouts or a similar parenting perspective these serendipitous meeting points have fostered hope for my creative intentions. I began this blog as a direct response to the support I received for the photos and poetry I had posted. Even as I did, I feared I was setting up a potentially futile creative goal.  I started this blog just as summer was coming to an end. It is one thing to meander along trails, snapping images to fuel thoughtful prose which can be edited between bouts of gardening and experimental cooking.  Once the school year begins such leisure time simply ceases to exist.  Working full time, running the “Mom Taxi,” throwing in dog walks and training sessions for fosters, leaves little time for thoughtful editing of the jumbled musings most entries are born with. The early arrival of hard frost where I live in Upstate NY is merciful because my garden would be dead from neglect by October anyways. Although my camera is almost always at my side and I have a small portfolio of images, their related stories must wait to be told while the responsibilities of running a household take priority. It is a choice I make consciously, and usually without complaint, because I have paid dearly in the past for neglecting those priorities.  I steal precious minutes for writing during lunch breaks, waiting for rehearsals to let out, while dinner simmers on the stove. Often, the very thoughts I was percolating turn up in other member’s posts. This creates a small wave of jealousy which washes ashore on my deserted island of busy-ness because obviously other people have time to write down thoughtful creative insights.  And then something happens to shake me out of my fog of pity. Like driving home and seeing this


And then coming home and reading about another rainbow here:

and I realize we are all of us chasing rainbows and when we catch one we put it out there for everyone who might need it. It doesn’t matter whose words, or images they are.  This is all coming from the same place, one tremendous Heart beating to the Call of Creative Spirit.  When I am given the gift of time to express myself, I will take it gratefully and use it wisely to post thoughtfully because it is not a race and we are all winners here.

Happy Trails good readers and remember ” If you see a fork in the road, take it.” Lawrence Peter Berra.

Deborah H Rahalski

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