City in the Mist

So fellow travelers, as the weekend of the Bedlam Farm Open House draws closer I find myself waking in the early hours of morning with random anxious thoughts about not making the trip.  It’s rooted in past experiences ( as all anxiety is)  which I wrote about last year ( )   The poem appeared out of the haze of an all too early awakening.


City in the Mist


It appears

it seems on a whim

the faintest of outlines

on a distant shore


yet unattainable

with no way to make passage

all boats sank long ago.



Unlike the poem, I have  faith I will reach my destination.

Photo note:  The image was taken on the shore on Onondaga Lake . I did some editing to bring out the city outline, trying to keep it just on the threshold of visible.




Deborah H Rahalski

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