Creek Walk: a different perspective

So fellow travelers, we continue on the path in search of the eagles at Onondaga Lake.


The habitat along the Inner Harbor walking trail is still recovering from the harsh winter we have just bid goodbye.  Even the grass along the waters edge is mainly brown.  Everywhere there is evidence of the toll winter has taken.


There is also evidence of human impact


I was told local youth make a game of tossing rocks at the beautiful lamps which line the walkway. They cost hundreds to replace. It’s disheartening at times to find this kind of thoughtless destruction, yet my perspective on things like this has changed under the influence of creative inspiration. I gaze on the broken glass and, while I morn it’s destruction, I also notice the remarkable feeling of balance it’s precarious alignment creates.

A few yards further along the path I come across another hallmark of youth; I take images like this as signs of hope


Foolish? Maybe, but at least the message fits the Inner Harbor intentions and soon after I was greeted by a friendly shaggy dog who seemed perfectly content to walk the path with his human regardless of the trash and broken lamps.


To reach the trees where the eagles roost I had to pass under the road which goes to a sprawling mall at the foot of Onondaga Lake.  I often wonder how many of the hundreds of visitors who frequent the mall would trade an hour of shopping in American Eagle for an hour with the real eagles.  As I approached the passage, pondering this thought,  the graceful curve of the bridge and the colorful boating lights caught my eye.


I’ve driven across that bridge countless times and never knew the lights were there. It made me smile because I know every time I  drive across it from now on I will remember how nicely decorated it is.  The discovery was almost enough to make up for this



Yes, there it is a tree quite empty of eagles.  Oh well, maybe they went shopping at the mall.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.








Deborah H Rahalski

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