Creek Walk : eagle eyes

So fellow travelers, we were just about to set forth on one of my local walking trails.

Early April is one of the best times for birding in Central New York.  There is a steady increase in the numbers and varieties of birds  with the advantage of more open vistas, since the trees have not yet “leafed in” . The shot in my previous post of the singing finch would be partially, if not mostly, obscured by leaves if taken in a few more weeks.

I am far from an expert, but a decade of regular outings has given me enough experience to be fairly confident in identifying several dozen species by either sight or sound. Still, the absence of so many birds through the long winter months tests the memory;  “Is that a yellow throated, yellow winged, yellow rump or plain ol yellow warbler calling?” So this is the time of year when the CD in the car stereo is likely to be one from my set of Peterson’s Eastern Bird Songs.  Excellent review material in preparation for the annual 24 hour birding marathon our local Audubon chapter holds in May.

Being able to see the birds one hears, or thinks they hear, is a tremendous advantage.  So when I heard a goldfinch calling as I walked towards the path, I was happy to capture this shot.



I was not as lucky with the bluebird who darted over the path or the chipping sparrow who zipped across the field as I approached. But their movement drew my eye towards this shot


and then I heard a “crawnk, crawnk” and the sound of splashing, so I scooted towards the water to find…..



Taking off


and landing



Mind you this is within walking distance from a huge mall, in a area once surrounded by factories and warehouses.




As I headed towards the trees where the eagles have been seen  I wondered if the many citizens who pass along the trail realize what a gem it truly is and  more imeediately, whether anyone would be “home” at the roost?

To be continued

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready





Deborah H Rahalski

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