Hope Lost and Found

So fellow travelers, our high school community is facing a tough loss and tougher questions. Today, on a walk through a new trail many miles from home I came across sacred spot


where I found this


It brought a revelation about a feeling I’ve been processing.  This sensation of running out of time isn’t about me or my dreams. It’s about running out of time to make a difference for others in personal and even more global matters.

This sacred encounter felt like an answer to words which I had written earlier this week when my heart ached for the young life ended too soon and I wondered if we could help these young souls know just how far into the shadows we are willing to journey to keep them safe.


There are no words to bridge this gaping chasm of grief

Had we known you were falling so far, so fast

We would have reached out to weave our hands and arms into a net to catch you

The breaking of our hearts cracks the code of silence

Too late for one

Now that you have your wings, please

Help us reach others


Although I have journeyed many miles from home to stumble on this spot, I am certain of it’s message.  Hope transcends space and time and Love never dies.

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.


Deborah H Rahalski

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