Lighting the Lamps of Hope

For hope to have substance,  it has to acknowledge the pain. But hope is saying that’s not the final story. It’s not saying pain doesn’t exist,  but it’s saying there isn’t a period at the end of that sentence .” Tim Foreman.

So fellow travelers, this quote comes from a member of Switchfoot my favorite (currently recording) band.

Pain exists yet it does not have to define us. It may overwhelm us at times on our journey and we often need help to rise above it.  My greatest life challenge has been those relationships where I must watch others make choices to remain lost in their pain. Sometimes we have the option to walk away, sometimes we cannot because we are obligated to standby and remain ready to offer support when needed.

Sometimes, we are the ones, who light the lamps to keep hope alive.


The lamps come on
as darkness falls
The light of day is gone

Memories rise with bullfrog calls
of life before the pain
began to build such daunting walls

Night cries tears of gentle rain
Weep too, but be not downcast
Like lamplight, hope will remain

Peace will outlast
Love will hold fast

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Editor’s note:  This poem is written in a format called terza rima which uses an aba bcb cdc dd rhyme scheme.  I have been challenging myself to try new (to me) formats  introduced by poets participating the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge.

Deborah H Rahalski

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