On Magic. Indeed I Do Believe

So fellow travelers,  I am using this gift of a snow day to play with some mixed media and enjoy being creative. I will post pix of the results later.

Taking a break to check in with my CGBF friends I came upon a wondrous post from Lisa Dingle, whose blog is a blessing I soak up like sunshine in midwinter.  Her writing keeps me going through the challenges of these final years of parenting and inspires me with her humor, gentle insights and unbridled capacity for joy.

Today’s post put into words something I have been thinking  (indeed ponderin’ ) about since our mentor Jon Katz’ final post from his Disney Trip in which he wrote about “moving on” from  childish fantasies.  Being someone who loves Disney inspite of the commercialism spawned by it’s corporate empire,  Jon’s words gave me reason to stop and question if my perspective was childish.

Had I , like Peter Pan refused to grow up? Why do I love (most) Disney movies so much ?  Why am I willing to spend exorbitant amounts of hard earned money to travel to as many Disney Parks as I can? Am I running to some sort of escapist fantasy? I thought long and hard about my feelings and realized childlike is not the same as childish. 

So I will not only keep my childlike belief in magic,  I will nurture it, allow it to grow stronger, so I can as Lisa says “take the hand of someone having trouble finding that light…..which survives the darkness.”

Read Lisa’s post here…( yes, that was a directive, not a request )



Me and my pal Mickey  charting a course for  Possibility.  Tokyo Disney Sea April 2010.


Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Deborah H Rahalski

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