The Beauty of Hope





Wow! indeed.

This amazing photo by Jim D. Thomason from the Bedlam Farm Creative Group Page is just one example of the inspiring creativity which fills my news feed these days.

It’s impact stopped me mid-scroll.  My heart skipped a beat and when I clicked to enlarge it my eyes began to “sweat” a bit. Something was very familiar in this image. Not the photo as much as the feeling which rose within my consciousness.

So I spent some time with it, letting the feelings wash over me.  I had a odd realization.

My first emotion after taking in the beauty of Jim’s shot was a jolt of fear as somewhere inside my head a voice said “BIG Storm Imminent.” When I let that feeling run its course, without reacting to it, I was filled with a sensation of exhilaration, a kind of “bring it on” adrenalin rush.  A surge of confidence in our capacity to survive pushed fear right out of my mind.

I said “our”  and realized it was meant in the most global sense possible.

With the instant “viral” effect of social media that frames our awareness of current events it is easy, almost instinctive to be swept up in currents of doom, gloom and fear.  We get sucked in by our fascination with the horrible. Anyone who has been close to the terrifying power of nature knows the beauty within a monster storm.  I think our mistake comes when we stop at fear and run with that as the primary emotion motivating our choices.

What if instead, we stop a moment, take a breath and dig deeper to find the resilience within that comes from generations of survival. We remember the acts of kindness and compassion that can be, if we choose, the lasting legacy left by a storm, instead of its spreadsheet of destructive sum totals.

What if….

Walk gently on the path my friends and may adventure find you ready.

Photo posted with permission from Jim D Thomason.  You can check out his photo gallery here. If you would like to be inspired by the creativity of the Bedlam Members like Jim,  check out the Creative Group At Bedlam Farm  facebook page.  Its open for public viewing.

Deborah H Rahalski

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